National Coming Out Day

Keith Haring - First National Coming Out Day Poster, 1988

The History

National Coming Out Day (NCOD) is an internationally observed awareness day celebrating individuals who identify as part of the sexual-orientation and gender minority (SGM) community. The significance of the date, October 11, is the anniversary of the 1987 National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.

Why use SGM? Sexual-orientation and Gender Minority or SGM is an inclusive term that encompasses the plus of LGBTQIA+ and other variations of the acronym.

Grab A friend and SNAP a Pic!

Stop by the cafeteria this week through October 14th to take a photo with the Berkeley Lab NCOD frame! And don't forget to invite your coworkers.

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Come Out as an Ally

Coming Out is not a singular occurrence for SGM employees. It can be easier when allies actively demonstrate acceptance and support.

Allies make up a large portion of the Lambda membership. Use National Coming Out Day as a great opportunity to learn about how you can participate in creating a safer and more welcoming environment for your SGM colleagues and practice allyship.


Redeem the Lambda Alliance ERG badge in Bucketlist!

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Give a colleague a shout out for exemplary demonstration of allyship.


Show your support with a Zoom Digital Background from the Human Rights Campaign on October 11th.

What is Allyship?

Check out Kayd Miller's slides on what allyship means and how to practice allyship at the Lab.

Putting the ‘All' in Allyship


Are you thinking about coming out or want to practice allyship? Check out these helpful resources and remember that allyship is something to practice everyday.

Coming Out


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