Respecting pronouns - flyer

Pronoun Flyer.pdf

2-sided one page flyer on why respecting pronouns is not only respectful, but necessary. This document is a great resource to share with all new and existing employees because the information is distilled down to the very basics.  

Talking about Pronouns - Background

Talking About Pronouns in the Workplace.pdf

This document provides much of the same information as the Respecting Pronouns flyer, but is more comprehensive and detailed. This document is a valuable resource for supervisors and employees alike, and provides valuable background information on pronouns specific to the workplace. 

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Add your pronouns to your business cards!

Using this template, you can easily add your personal gender pronouns to your business cards! 

Pronouns_Matter_ 20220308.pdf

Pronouns Matter

Resource from Lawrence Livermore National Lab